Why Lund Martial Arts?

At Lund Martial Arts Academy, we offer more than just self-defense. Our mission is to teach our members and community to live happier, healthier, and safer lives. We teach a comprehensive system of martial arts that includes techniques to help students defend themselves both standing and from the ground. This system of self-defense relies on the mastery of well-defined mental principles and lessons that can be transferred to every area of your life.

Because martial arts training should be something a student can look forward to, we promise to provide a professional classroom environment that challenges students while they work toward and accomplish their goals. Instructors at Lund Martial Arts serve as experienced guides who will support you to safely develop your body and mind. In short, while you practice punches, kicks, arm locks, and chokes, we will help you enjoy this journey that is martial arts, all while developing a no-excuses attitude and Black Belt work ethic.