After-School Program

We give of our time and raise funds for local private and public elementary schools and other organizations that work with youth. We send an instructor to the school for four sessions who works with kids to non-violently deal with a bully, understand abduction awareness, and learn basic martial arts techniques. The most powerful thing we hear are about the new levels of confidence, respect, and focus kids gain after just four days in our program. Our schedule fills quickly, so please reach out if you’d like us to come to you. Check out what others have to say!

Giving Back to the Community

We believe that the foundation for any business is what it can do for the community, from serving its patrons to giving back time and monetary donations. We instill the principle of giving in all of our students by holding events throughout the year that benefit a variety of local nonprofits and organizations. If your organization is interested in working with us, please get in touch!

Six months ago I noticed a flyer in a doctor’s office for Mr. Lund’s school. The flyer talked about helping kids with special needs. My son has ADHD, depression and anxiety. I brought my son to Mr. Lund and in the process discussed not only my son's needs, but mine as well to live a healthier way. In those six months I have noticed a drastic change in our home life. My son tends to be more respectful and helpful, especially after class, than he used to be. We still have work to grow, but the staff works hard with my son and understands his needs. They personalize the attention he receives in class to help him overcome his issues. Now he looks forward to going to class, does not wish me to attend class without him and enjoys the special events, especially the “kick the kids out” nights.

Not only am I happy with the improvement in my son, but I am very pleased with how my own progression is going. At first I thought I might not be able to do this, being ovenweight and very out of shape. Everyone around me did better and at times I wanted to give up, but the encouragement and help of the staff kept me coming back for more. They were there not only for my son, but for me as well. In these six months I started to notice a difference in how l carry myself, with more grace and balance. I also noticed a more positive attitude and an ability to see more than just a narrow focus. Now I take time to be polite to everyone, address people respectfully and do my best to be a help for others.

Mr. Lund's school works on body, mind and spirit. In helping me get in shape, they encourage me and let me know that we are working hard and that our goals have value. Their program has truly made a difference in our lives and I am proud to be a part of his school.

Stephnie Retkofsky

Lund Martial Arts provides a family-oriented environment that encourages children to thrive emotionally and physically. All children are accepted and appreciated by instructors who demonstrate structure, consistency, and compassion. Self-discipline and self-control are major foundations within Lund Martial Arts for students to build healthy relationships and preparation to make responsible decisions in adolescence and adulthood.

This program provides an excellent tool for children who struggle with inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity. Adherence to respect for authorities and classmates is reinforced throughout the course of each class. Students are provided with consistent and firm consequences when they do not demonstrate black belt attitude. This fosters development of trust in instructors who genuinely care about delineating safe boundaries. Homework is recommended as an incentive in the areas of self-discipline tasks, book reading, home responsibilities, and karate practice. Participation at Lund Martial Arts promotes the effectiveness of psychiatric medications and can completely eliminate their necessity.

Lund Martial Arts creates an excellent atmosphere for shy and anxious students to develop internal strength and confidence. Instructors are patient and kind as they gently demonstrate basic and advanced skills at a pace that is individualized for each student. There are opportunities for partnerships with alternating students as skill sets are practiced and learned. A student that may enter the school with a poor self-image may develop competence that meets criteria for entry into the Leadership Program.

Students with developmental delay are welcomed into Lund Martial Arts and permitted to advance at their individual paces. Social interactions are illustrated by instructors to encourage students to develop recognition of social cues and awareness of their environment. Gross and fine motor skills mature as each class reinforces basic punches, kicks, and positions.

I wholeheartedly endorse Lund Martial Arts for any child.

Belinda Stillman, DO

My name is Julie Smith - I am Hunter Smith’s mom. I just want to tell you what an amazing instructor you have in Mr. Lee. He was so gracious as to stay after class tonight to talk to Hunter about his foot position to help get his next stripe. Even when Hunter got frustrated and started to cry Mr. Lee was so amazing. He talked to him about private winning and being patient to keep practicing so that he will master it. I can't say enough about what a wonderful young man Mr. Lee is! Actually, I have just been so impressed with all of your instructors. Again, I just want to say THANK YOU Mr. Lee! Hunter and I had a nice talk when we got home and he said he will work on what Mr. Lee told him. Thank you again for all of the wonderful reinforcement you give all the kids!!!!! Your school is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie Smith

A Testimonial from a Parent’s Prospective

At four years old our son was very eager to join Lund Martial Arts Academy. He took to it right away: yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am. After the first week Master Lund commented that he was very well-behaved. It is our intent to raise a very well-mannered child, who can control himself and choose to make good decisions. Our reasons for having him join Lund Martial Arts Academy were to reinforce those behaviors, boost his confidence and reiterate the importance of good health and physical fitness. After hearing that compliment, we knew we were in the right place.

Master Lund wants to bring out those same behaviors in every student and with his method of teaching it’s easy for the children to learn. At the academy there is a great balance of fun, respect and best of all camaraderie. Every time our son comes through the door he is greeted by name, as is every student. Master Lund’s additional instructors are students who have become second and third degree black belts. They teach using Master Lund’s techniques, but with their own fun and humorous spin. They take their jobs very serious, command respect and it is given.

We’ve seen our son become more self-sufficient not only at home, but in school as well. He has learned a great deal about bad guys as well as how to talk and react to bullying. It all goes back to that confidence he has built. Each time he receives his next belt rank it’s a great confidence boost and when we saw the pride on our five-year-olds face after he broke his first board, it was priceless.

This is the confidence he will carry with him to his future endeavors.

The students are taught the black belt success cycle (it’s a phrase they learn and apply to whatever goal they are striving for). Our son has applied this to conquer several obstacles, such as learning to swim and going further in the read-a-thon at school. That’s a black belt attitude!

If you’re looking for a great balance of fun, physical fitness and life skills, look no further. After all, it’s in Master Lund’s Academy oath.

“Sir, I will practice martial arts with honor, be loyal to my beliefs, and live each day with courtesy, respect and integrity, sir.”

In our opinion...words to live by and pass on.

Danh and Crystal Huynh

(Parents of Nico - age 6)